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Risk Management Consulting 

Effective risk management function is a fundamental element of the corporate governance of almost any organization regardless of industry. We offer our clients a wide range of expertise in the identification, analysis and management of various risk that can negatively affect their productivity and financial results.

We are capable of delivering integrated solutions for managing financial, operational, compliance, legal and other risks with varying quantitative and qualitative methodology. We do our best to ensure that our solutions contribute to the growth of our clients.

A typical project aimed to create a comprehensive risk management system can be structured as follows:

  • Evaluate existing risk management systems, controls and procedures
  • Define risk management strategies
  • Document risk policies and procedures
  • Address administrative issues of establishing an effective risk management function, including organizational structures and responsibilities
  • Develop and implement risk management methodology for specific risks and/or aggregate risk
  • Develop methodology and procedures for stress-testing
  • Implement uniform risk management practices and reporting throughout all units, branches and affiliates in holding companies
  • Create and test business continuity/contingency plans

The scope and depth of the work undertaken can be tailored to the specific situation of the client - its unique risk profile, risk management objectives, IT systems and business procedures.


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